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B48 Amethyst

The Amethyst BF 19: A Modern Gem Joins the Scottish Fleet

The Amethyst prioritizes efficiency and sustainability. A modern engine and propeller design reduce fuel consumption. This, combined with its larger size, allows for increased power and speed. Representing the fourth in a line of vessels for skipper Ralston, continuing a 36-year fishing tradition. Mooney Boats’ emphasis on quality and durability ensures the Amethyst will serve the family business for years to come.

B48 Amethyst

Vessel Specifications
Year Built2019
Yard NoB48
Length overall20.25m
Cruising Speed10 Knots
Number of crew6
Main EnginesMitsubishi S6R2-T2MPTK-3
GearboxReintjes WAF 374L, 7.091:1 
Stern GearConventional shaft drive
Hull MaterialSociety Approved Grade A Steel
Classification Society 

Mooney Boats Delivers

Mooney Boats Ltd. proudly delivered the MFV Amethyst BF 19, a 20.25-meter twin-rig trawler, to skipper Ralston Johnston. Designed by Ian Paton of SC McAllister, the Amethyst is the largest vessel fully built & launched from Killybegs since 1980.

Comfort and Technology

The Amethyst boasts a comfortable wheelhouse with advanced electronics and a thoughtfully designed interior. Modern features include LED lighting, USB charging, and an entertainment system.

Ready to Work

The Amethyst is equipped with the latest technology for prawn fishing in the North Sea. From winches and nets to fish handling and refrigeration systems, the vessel is prepared for success.

Looking to the Future

Skipper Ralston is optimistic about the future of fishing and eager to get started with the new Amethyst. With a focus on efficiency and a commitment to tradition, the Amethyst appears well-positioned to continue the family legacy.