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Refurbishments & Repairs

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Boat Building Services

Mooney Boat Refurbishment and Repair Ireland
Construction, refurbishment and repair of commercial fishing vessels up to 600 tonnes.
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Refurbishment & Repair

Boat Refurbishment & Repair Ireland
Major refurbishment work such as boat lengthening, installation of winches, hydraulics, etc…
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Yard Facilities Killybegs

Dry Docking Yard Facilities Ireland
We are ideally places to meet your needs, with two major facilities in Killybegs, Donegal…
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Mooney Marine Products

Mooney Marine Products Ireland
Our Online Store has a full range of tools, marine chandlery, flotation suits, etc…
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Refurbishing Your Boat? Enjoy WaterSports? Looking For Marine Products and Clothing?

Recent Projects

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