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Whatever you need, we can supply. We stock power tools, hand tools (Facom, Elora, Britool, Dargan, Tengtool,) power washers, air compressors and welders.

We also carry a large stock of bolts, nuts, washers, screws and nails (steel, galvanised, stainless, copper, etc.) as well as ladders, lights, extension cables and electric cables.

Brands stocked – Bosch, De Walt, Draper, CK, Dargan, Elora, Facom, Ryobi, Tengtools, Wurth, Stanley

Power tools – Drills, Angle Grinders, Power Washers, Welders, Jigsaws, Cut-off Saws, Circular Saws.

Hand tools – Chisels, Cutting Discs, Drill bits, Hammers, Holesaws, Screwdrivers, Socket sets, Spanners, Toolboxes, Vicegrips, Wrenches.