Surt Boards & Body Boards

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ACS Technology (Aerated Cellular Structure)

When learning how to surf, there are three key elements that make the experience enjoyable as you
master your new skills:

  • A suitable shape for easy learning and smooth progression
  • A surfboard that is durable and not easily damaged
  • Great design combined with good value for money

Our range of ACS surfboards allows both entry-level and recreational surfers the benefi ts of durability and stability at an affordable price.

Construction Technique:

ACS surfboards are created using a moulded polyethylene shell fi lled with polyurethane foam which is found in a regular fi breglass surfboard. This means that your new surfboard will survive dings and damage that would see a fi breglass board out of the water requiring repairs which is why they are considering to be the perfect board!

Portwest Surf Boards

Surf´s up! Grab a Screamer Foam Board and head to the beach. These fantastic boards are suitable for entry level right through to intermediate surfers and are supplied in 6´(72″) & 5´3″ (64″)lengths. Material: PE surface, EPS core, PP slick back. With leash, 3 fins & grip. Product code: W510


Body Boards

Insane Bodyboard:

Bodyboarding more your style? The Insane Foam Body-Board is your ideal companion for catching waves from break to shore. Supplied in 41´´ & 37´´ board lengths. Material: PE surface, EPS core, PP slick back. With leash. Product code: W515