Mustad Sandeel Red 6/0

Mustad Sandeel Red 6/0

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Going Seafishing? Always Bring Rubber!
Mustad has further developed the traditional “gummimakk” (”rubber worm”) which was originally invented by fishermen along the Norwegian coast. Mustad’s new Sand Eel series, with razor sharp quality hooks, ought to be part of every seafisherman’s standard tackle.



Three reasons why the ”Gummimakk” has become more dangerous:

  1. A new type of rubber gives a flexible tail that makes the worm wiggle in a life-like and enticing manner.
  2. New, intense colours will entice the fish to strike.
  3. The hook is equipped with flasher material to make it irresistible to the fish.

If you combine these three properties with a razor sharp hook from Mustad, you will have a sure winner whenever you are going sea fishing.

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