Faithfull 30mm Combination Square

Faithfull 30mm Combination Square

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Faithfull CNC Combination Square 300mm (12in)

The Faithfull Combination Square is CNC machined from aluminium with laser engraved scales to provide improved accuracy. The square features a high-quality sliding stock, fitted with a laser engraved rule with both imperial and metric graduations, a spirit level and marking scribe. The square has a black anodised coating to provide enhanced corrosion protection to help ensure a long working life and is ideal for use in both wood and metalworking applications.

Combination squares have at least 10 different uses including: Measuring rule with metric and imperial scale, 90° inside square, 90° outside square, 135° inside square, 45° inside square, horizontal level, vertical level, T-square slide, marking gauge and depth gauge.

Ruler Length: 300mm (12in)

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