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  • Fibreglass Catalyst |100cc
    Glassfibre Polyester Resin Catalyst 100cc to suit 5kg of polyester resin. ..
    Ex Tax: €4.07 €4.92
  • Fibreglass Matting | Per Meter
    Versatile chopped strand mat is widely used for moulding & mould making, boat building & repairs, roofing, pond lining and many other applications. Random strand reinforcement is non-directional giving equal strength over all plains. Ideal in all GRP laminations that require good rigidity an..
    Ex Tax: €3.25 €3.93
  • Fibreglass Resin
    Our Unsaturated Polyester Resins are used in the Marine, Transport, Automotive, and Building industries. With two principal types used as standard laminating systems; orthophthalic polyester is considered the standard, basic, general-purpose resin. It is relatively inexpensive and has a variety of u..
    Ex Tax: €13.41 €16.23
  • Polyester Top Coat | White
    Topcoat has  a consistency between that of gelcoat and of resin but has a wax additive content to ensure a tack free surface when fully cured. Its is used as a final coat on GRP laminate and gives a finish similar to a paint finish. A non slip topcoat is also available for use on a walkway s..
    Ex Tax: €13.01 €15.74