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  • Swarfega Jizer - 5 litre
    Water rinseable heavy duty degreaser which dissolves deposits of oil, grease, waxes bitumen. Thoroughly and quickly cleans engines and components. Safe to use as it has a flashpoint of no less than 61 degrees. Economical to use as it separates out dirt and grime to allow re-use. ..
    Ex Tax: €16.26 €19.67
  • Swarfega Orange Hand Cleaner Pump - 4 Litre
    Quickly and efficiently removes dirt oil, grease and other everyday soiling. Uses natural ingredients including orange extract. Micro polymer beads help remove dirt and grime from the skin without damaging hands. Removes ground in dirt effectively leaves hands feeling soft and with a pleasant fragra..
    Ex Tax: €16.26 €19.67
  • Swarfega Powerwash Super - 25 litre
    Heavy duty HGV degreaser and traffic film remover for use on all plant and commercial vehicles, as well as engines, chassis and components. For heavy soilings. Pre-Dilution: 1:7 to create 200 litres of ready to use TFR ..
    Ex Tax: €60.98 €73.78