Fladen Jacket Scandia Blue/Yellow

Fladen Jacket Scandia Blue/Yellow

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The Fladen 846-847 2-piece flotation suit is available in blue-yellow, orange-yellow and black-yellow combination. The suit is EN 393 certified as floatation suit. Some of the technical specifications of the suit are mentioned below. Model No: 846-847 2-piece Immersion suit ISO 15027-1: Yes Floatation garment EN393: Yes SOLAS/USCG reflectors: Yes, 400cm² Polyester 300D: Yes Floatation Material: PVC Stitched-in belt: Yes Seals against water entry: legs/sleeves/thighs Yes/Yes/Yes CE394 whistle: Yes Insulated hood and collar: Yes Pockets/Fleece-lined: 9/4 Adjustable neoprene cuffs in sleeves/legs: Yes/No Zips on legs with cord lock: No Ventilated sides: No Kevlar reinforced knees: No Room for knee pads: No Braces/elasticated braces: Yes/No Fluorescent fabric: Yes Extra wide: No Children’s size: Yes Weight: 2.6 Kgs.

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