Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp-DI-GPS

Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp-DI-GPS

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The HELIX 5 CHIRP DI GPS G2 by Humminbird features a new user interface and operating system with brilliant 800H x 480V, 5" 256 colour display with backlight. CHIRP Down Imaging and DualBeam PLUS sonar with 4000 watts PTP power output, Precision Internal GPS Chartplotting with built-in UniMap cartography with a micro SD card slot for optional maps or for saving waypoints.

CHIRP Digital Sonar | View low, medium and high CHIRP ranges, either individually or all at once. Dial in a specific kHz, search a defined range or cover the entire spectrum, it’s up to you. Because it uses a broader range of frequencies, Humminbird CHIRP also delivers extreme target separation, lower noise and richer, higher-resolution images.

CHIRP Down-Imaging | Get a fish-eye’s view of what’s happening below your boat. These incredible images are created with high frequency sound waves emitted in ultra-thin slices. The sonar returns from these waves produce a “portrait.” As you patrol the water, you’ll watch fish, reefs, timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks, and any other structure or cover pop with stunning detail.

SwitchFire | This puts anglers in complete command of how their sonar returns appear. With two unique display modes, Clear Mode and Max Mode, you can adjust to your fishing conditions on the fly. Add or remove detail, account for water depth, temperature and turbulence, even experiment with lure presentations all at the push of a button. SwitchFire adds a whole new dimension to 2D fish-finding.

DualBeam Plus | Two beams combine for great detail and a wide coverage area. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns and bottom. Use the wide beam when you want a larger search area.

AutoChart Live | Make a map where there is no map. AutoChart Live allows you to create richly detailed maps of your favourite fishing spots in real-time. Map the water as you drive the boat, with eight hours of built-in recording time.

  • Display Size - Diagonal 5” | 800H x 480V | Color TFT | 16-bit | LED Backlight
  • Sonar Standard - CHIRP Down Imaging | CHIRP Digital Sonar | DualBeam PLUS
  • Standard Sonar Coverage - 16°, 28°, 45° & 75° @ -10db
  • Standard Sonar Frequency - 200/455/800 kHz
  • Sonar (Optional) - 50kHz, 50/Low Airmar CHIRP | Max Depth: 2500 Feet
  • Target Separation - 2.5”
  • Depth Capability - 350 ft (DI) | 600 ft
  • Transducer Standard - XNT 9 DI T
  • Transducer Mounting - Transom
  • Internal GPS - 10hz
  • Waypoints - 2,750 | Routes - 47 | Tracks/Points - 50/20,000
  • Split Screen Zoom & Bottom Lock
  • Card Slots - 1
  • Power Input - 10.8-20 VDC
  • Power Draw - 600 mA
  • Power Output RMS - 500 Watts
  • Power Output Peak to Peak - 4000 Watts
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