Sixton Corvara Boot

Sixton Corvara Boot

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The Sixton Corvara is fully certified to S3 safety standards. It comes equipped with a toe cap and an anti-perforation plate under your foot. Not just any cap and plate though. The Toe cap is made of composite materials which is metal free for lightness, and the midsole plate remains soft and flexible despite being able to withstand a nail with up to 1100N of force
Flyfit Technology
One of the most technically advanced insoles available being anti-static, breathable and anti-static. The upper layer in contact with the foot is made up of highly resistant net that ensures excellent moisture-absorption. The in-between anti-bacterial layer is made up of self-forming soft foam to ensure comfort and firm support of the foot; the minute holes improve elimination of moisture and ensure quicker drying when at rest. The third layer made of breathable fabric gives the insole stability and shape. The last layer, thanks to the addition of special non-slip and self-blocking elements, stops the insole from moving inside the footwear.

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