Sixton Montana Rigger Boot

Sixton Montana Rigger Boot

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The OutDry waterproofing system utilised in every Montana Rigger boot sets a new standard in waterproofing footwear. The outdry system laminates the inside of the outside layer of the boot. This removes an empty void you would get in other waterproof boots that use a separate waterproofing membrane. This void can then fill with water, adding unnecessary weight and stagnate creating smells.

Full Safety from above and below, the “Zero-K Anti-perforation” gives protection in compliance with the new standard EN ISO 12568:2010. Meaning this boot can withstand nails ups to 1100 in force, but it remains fully flexible.

The toe-cap is made of composite materials, so there’s no metal for added lightness, and is also heat resistant

A multilayer of form and function. This insole is designed specifically for winter use. Made of highly resistant and absorbent felt, it keeps the foot warm and dry. A layer of soft and comfortable insulating polyethylene and an “aluminium” treated polyethylene film keep the foot insulated from the ground. Insole for winter use and for “CI” marked footwear for protection against cold.

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