Q4 Brake Cleaner 500ml Spray

Q4 Brake Cleaner 500ml Spray

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Q4 is an acetone-free cleaning agent with intense penetrating properties for oily and greasy machine parts. Ideal for industrial repairs and assemblies.

Q4 Brake Cleaner contains a special blend of degreasing solvents for cleaning brake and clutch system parts without the need for dismantling.

It is safe to use on all braking system’s Discs, Pads, Shoes, Callipers, Cables, Clutch parts and components and will not harm painted disc brake callipers.

Ideal for removing Chain Lube and Engine compartment dirt and grime.

As with all our aerosols it has the 360 ̊ valve to enable the can to be used upside down to stop just the gas coming out and the can being left with product in at the end of the life of it. It gives peace of mind that if you press the button on top, product is released, even when you cannot see the can in a tight spot.

This product is fully REACH compliant and is manufactured in the UK.

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