Fini MK102 90L Air Compressor

Fini MK102 90L Air Compressor

Product Code: MK102-90-2M
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The Fini MK102/N-90-2M is a belt driven air compressor is used to create Kinetic energy for a variety of purposes by using power from a motor or engine to compress and pressurize air. You can then connect the air compressor to a tool and release controlled bursts of air in order to drive the tool to perform a function. There are many different varieties available, and each can be categorized according to their design and principle of operation, their pressure limits, capacity, cooling methods and other factors. A belt driven air compressor like the Fini 2HP 90LT 230 volt Semi-Professional is driven by a motor which is linked by a belt to the air compressor. Unlike chain-driven machines, this design requires less servicing as there is less wear and tear on the parts. The compact design makes it easily transportable and mobile for a variety of applications providing long-term reliability and performance. It comes with a high-efficiency single stage double cylinder type compressor pump which adds to its dependability in both industrial and commercial settings. It has an MK102 pump which allows for positive splash feed lubrication to extend the life of this belt-driven air compressor.

Twin-cylinder compressor pump made from cast iron cylinders
CE certified tank/receiver
Continuously rated single phase motor
Protection from overload
An on/off automatic pressure switch
Quick release coupling
Safety valve
Pressure gauge
Air outlet valve
Convenient mobility with a handle and wheels
Wheeled tanks to simplify the transport
The electric motor features overload protection with manual reset

Voltage: 220 volt
Power: 2 HP
Tank Size: 90 litre
Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
Air Connection: High Flow
Air Displacement: 7.6 cfm
Length: 1180 mm
Height: 940 mm
Depth: 460 mm
Weight: 60 kg

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