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  • Sioen Amsterdam Winter Rain Jacket
    The Sioen Amsterdam Winter Rain Jacket is 100% waterproof as well as windproof. Supple and stretchable, this comfortable, lightweight, noiseless jacket boasts extended durability. ..
    Ex Tax: €69.11 €83.62
  • Sioen Bangkok Waterproof Trousers Navy
    With the Sioen Bangkok trousers you are perfectly equipped to confront rain, wind and dirt. And for a little price! They are made of Sioen's basic PU coated quality: Flexothane Essential. Agile and stretchable this duo will help you do the job by never getting in your way. ..
    Ex Tax: €15.85 €19.18
  • Sioen Dortmund Raincoat - Navy
    The Sioen Dortmund is made of their evergreen Flexothane Classic fabric. It will shelter you day in day out from rain and wind for many years, as it as an exceptionally long life expectancy. Easy care, stretchable and lightweight, it really is the best products in their market segment. ..
    Ex Tax: €36.59 €44.27
  • Sioen Lillehammer Winter Rain Coverall
    With this smooth and durable winter coverall in Flexothane® fabric, you can continue to move mountains in all-weather circumstances. The 100% water and windproof stretchable fabric ensures that you can move without hindrance. The fixed quilted lining and the knitted wind cuffs in the sleeves protect..
    Ex Tax: €126.02 €152.48
  • Sioen Pinatubo Hi Vis Winter Rain Coat
    The Sioen Pinatubo Hi Vis Winter Rain Coat is 100% waterproof and windproof. Supple and stratchable, this winter coat is also comfortable, lightweight & noiseless while boasting extended durability ..
    Ex Tax: €89.43 €108.21
  • Sioen Skollfield Hi Vis Jacket
    Hi-vis rain jacket from Sioen, with a detachable bodywarmer With the Skollfield jacket you are well equipped all year round. A warm and waterproof winter coat, a light rain jacket, a blouson, a body warmer; all in one and at a very attractive price. All components are made in our Siopor Ultra quali..
    Ex Tax: €77.24 €93.46
  • Sioen Tomar Rain Trousers
    100 % waterproof / Windproof  trousers. With a highly breathable, Water repellent outer fabric and a Moisture attracting coating on the inside. These are very comfortable, supple, high tear resistance trousers ..
    Ex Tax: €44.71 €54.10