Delta Blue Waterproof Thermal Glove

Delta Blue Waterproof Thermal Glove

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The Delta Plus Thrym VV736 Gloves are a fully coated latex glove that provide very good cold and humidity protection.  These gloves provide full protection against cold and water and are highly flexible which makes these gloves comfortable to wear. 


  • Scratch acrylic support
  • Cold protection
  • Excellent comfort - keeps hands warm in cold conditions
  • Full protection of the fingers against cold and water
  • High flexibility
  • Very good cold and humidity protection
  • Inside glove: 100% acrylic gauge 10
  • Outside glove: 100% polyamide gauge 15
  • Full latex coating of the hand
  • Second foam latex coating on palm and fingertips
  • Support: polyamide / acrylic
  • Coating: latex
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