Besto Comfort Fit 180N with Harness | Black/Orange

Besto Comfort Fit 180N with Harness | Black/Orange

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A new designed Inflatable lifejacket, that meets the highest standards of Comfort. Superb comfort is achieved with an ergonomic design, lightweight and soft flexible cover. The special back panel and adjustable backstrap ensures that the collar stays away from the neck and creates optimal weight/pressure distribution on the body for optimum comfort. It therefore makes the lifejacket very comfortable to wear, also when used for a prolonged period of time.

• Special designed a-symmetrical bladder makes sure the turning of the body goes quickly
• High freeboard
• Maximum chin and head support
• 180 Newtons buoyancy

• A strong YKK burst zipper keeps the bladder in place
• Soft D-ring harness loops for weight reduction
• An adjustable crotch strap for optimum safety
• Reflective panels on outer cover for high visibility
• Available in 5 colours
• Halkey Roberts V90000 system with Super bobbin

• CO2 Cylinder 38 grams

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