MFV Stelimar Hull Repair

We had the MFV Stelimar up at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine dry dock to have some work done. The Stelimar is 19m vessel. Works undertaken on the Stelimar include:
  • Replaced deck coamings & hatches
  • Hull repair to bow, including steel frame replaced in places
  • Fitted new pipework for bilge system
  • Shot...
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MFV Catherine R Lengthened at Mooney Boats Ltd

  A huge gallery and videos showing the Catherine R lenghtened at Mooney Boats Ltd
  • Cut & Lengthened Vessel by 3.68m
  • Cut & Raise Gantry by 0.5m
  • Sandblasted & Metalised hull
  • Painting vessel completely
  • Removed Power block crane reconditioned and refitted
  • Re-piped hydraulic crane controls in stainless steel pipe
  • Enlarged & refitted galley
  • Fitted new...
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MFV Róisín Bairbre

The Róisín Bairbre was up at Mooney Boats Ltd for various works.
  • Vessel was dry-docked
  • Complete hull was Sandblasted
  • Above main deck on the transom and sides were & metalized
  • Modification were made to bilge keels
  • New anti pitching wings were fitted on Bulbous bow forward
  • Repairs were made to damaged hull plating below the waterline
  • Vessel was...
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Velvet Chord II Repaint & Refurb

We recently had the Velvet Chord II up for some extensive refurbishments and a brand new paint scheme. Works carried out are as follows:
  • Piped all diesel vents to join the tanks
  • Fitted new nozzle
  • Fabricated and fitted new limpets
  • Fitted Baffle in daily service tank
  • Fitted and piped pump in...
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MFV Northern Celt

The MFV Northern Celt was recently dry-docked at Mooney Boats Ltd boatyard on the 10 December 2013 and was put back in the water on Saturday 21st December 2013. Weather was not an issue with the closed bay repair facility. Jobs included:
  • Washing & Painting vessel completely
  • New anodes fitted
  • Rudder and steering removed and over...
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Ceol Na Farraige

Jobs undertaken on the Ceol Na Farraige:
  • Vessel washed and painted externally
  • Welding completed on vessel
  • Shafts inspected
  • Hull inspected
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MFV Buddy M

The main body of the work undertaken is as follows.
  • Rudder removed
  • Tailshaft taken out
  • New seals fitted in stern gear
  • Vessel completely painted top to bottom with Jotun & Clarke paint system
  • Anodes fitted
  • Ultra sonic hull inspection completed by Mooney Boats Ltd for BV
  • Meggar test & report completed by Mooney Boats Ltd for BV.
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MFV Eternal Dawn

The MFV Eternal Dawn was up at the yard to have the capacity increased on the net drums and a new hose reel fitted....
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Donegal Bay Waterbus

We had the Donegal Bay Waterbus up for her annual washing and painting, but this year we also manufactured and fitted new stainless steel keel cooling system to main engines. The vessel was raised on 1st of March 2013 and back in the water on the 10th....
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MV Chateau Thierry

The MV Chateau Thierry was in with us from 13/1/14 and went back into the water 5/2/14. She had the following works completed:
  • Main prop shafts, rudders and propellers removed
  • Removed and replaced bearings in stern tubes with new pieces
  • Replaced shaft, propellers and rudder again
  • Replaced Rubber Seals on loading ramp
  • Fitted new flush Hercules deck...
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