Norfolk Rose -Vessel Lengthening at Mooney Boats Ltd.

At Mooney Boats Ltd, one of the areas we specialise in is vessel lengthening so it was with great excitement that we took on the Norfolk Rose Vessel Lenghtening job Be sure to check out the gallery below for pictures of the process which involves taking the boat from the...
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Blanche Hermine refitted as Doolin Express at Mooney Boats Ltd.

The Doolin Express (formerly Blanche Hermine) arrived at the yard in October 2016 for a major refit in order to prepare her for life in Irish waters, operating for Doolin Ferry Co. Among the work done on her, was the following:
  • Bollards fitted
  • Fitted emergency bilge shutoff handles
  • ...
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The MFV Maracestina

We had the MFV Maracestina up at the yard recently, and among others, she had the following jobs done on her:
  • Wheelhouse Windows resealed and wheelhouse carpet refitted
  • Electrical megger test completed on vessel
  • Earth fault system fitted
  • Removed rudder, repaired heel bearings and put in new steering pins
  • Slipped & washed
  • Bottom...
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MV Blath Na Mara Returns to Mooney Boats Ltd

One of the regular faces at the yard is Rory Beatty, owner of the MV Chateau Thierry and the MV Blath Na Mara which operate cargo services to the Aran Islands. In early March we had the MV Blath Na Mara returned to the yard for shot blasting,...
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MFV Peadar Elaine II Gearbox Overhaul

It was fantastic to have the MFV Peadar Elaine II at the yard for a gearbox overhaul, among other jobs, some of which are listed below:
  • Vessel Put up on Synchrolift
  • High Pressure Washed outside of hull
  • Vessel completely repainted externally with Jotun Paint system
  • New anodes fitted
  • Manufactured new...
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Buddy M New Aux Engine

We had the MFV Buddy M back up at the yard last month for some work. Among other jobs she had the following jobs done:
  • Cut plate from side of boat to remove aux engine and refit with new
  • Rewired Buddy M new auxiliary engine
  • Removed, assessed and serviced all sea...
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Donegal Bay Waterbus gets major refurb at Mooney Boats Ltd.

We had the pleasure of welcoming the Donegal Bay Waterbus up at the yard for some extensive work, some of which includes the following:
  • Vessel slipped for washing , painting and fitting of new anodes
  • Removed engines for repair
  • Re-pipe Bilge System
  • Refitted and realigned engines
  • Removed life rafts...
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MFV John B repaired after fire damage.

  We had the MFV John B up at the yard to have some works done, some of which are as follows.
  • Fire damaged wheelhouse  completely stripped and refurbished
  • Built brand new skippers cabin to the rear of the wheelhouse
  • Major rewiring performed due to fire damage
  • Fitted additional net drum
  • Repaired existing...
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Celtic Voyager Gets New Engine

Marine Institutes vessel the RV Celtic Voyager was recently up at the yard for fitting of a new main engine. Mooney Boats Ltd began the project on the 10th July when the vessel was dry-docked on the Synchrolift. The port side of the vessel was cut and the auxiliary engines and...
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The Tor Mór Annual Survey at Mooney Boats Ltd.

We had another one of our builds return to the yard this week, the Tor Mór. The Tor Mór is a regular visitor to the yard for maintenance and is a fine example of how to look after a working boat. When it was all said and...
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