MFV Peadar Elaine II Gearbox Overhaul

It was fantastic to have the MFV Peadar Elaine II at the yard for a gearbox overhaul, among other jobs, some of which are listed below:

  • Vessel Put up on Synchrolift
  • High Pressure Washed outside of hull
  • Vessel completely repainted externally with Jotun Paint system
  • New anodes fitted
  • Manufactured new stainless steel shelving and fitted in galley
  • Modifications to stainless & mild steel pipework throughout vessel
  • Fitted new rubbing bars on starboard side where pots come aboard
  • Modification to catch handling system
  • Carpentry upgrades to wheelhouse and accommodation areas
  • Remove Rudder and tail shaft
  • Removed gearbox and hydraulic pumps for a complete overhaul
  • Refitted gearbox and hydraulic pumps after rebuild.
  • Refitted tail shaft & Seals
  • Refitted rudder
  • Vessel re-floated and successful seatrials completed after gearbox overhaul.

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