Norfolk Rose -Vessel Lengthening at Mooney Boats Ltd.

At Mooney Boats Ltd, one of the areas we specialise in is vessel lengthening so it was with great excitement that we took on the Norfolk Rose Vessel Lenghtening job

Be sure to check out the gallery below for pictures of the process which involves taking the boat from the water and removing the existing bow, then fabricating a brand new bow section which is over 3 meters longer than the original, as well as a 1-meter extension to the stern. Once the new bow was cut on our plasma cutter, the pieces were welded together and assembled piece by piece until it took its final shape. It was then flipped over and put in place in front of the vessel before the two pieces were welded together. The new bow piece was then rewired and a new deck crane was fitted and piped in. Finally, the vessel was repainted, with anodes supplied and fitted where necessary.

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