B42 Golden Shore

Type Scalloper
Length OA 14.95
Beam MLD 6.05
Speed 10 Knots
Main Engine QSM11-300MPH (220KW) @1800 RPM
Hydraulic Engine Mitsubishi 6D16-TE2 106Kw 1500 Rpm with 30Kw Generator
Harbour Set Mitsubishi S4Q2 30Kw
Gearbox ZF W350 5.99:1 Reduction
Propeller 1600mm  Diameter    Teignbridge
Nozzle 1600mm                       Teignbridge
Hull Material Steel
Class Seafish & MCA
Delivery July 2016
Owner Geoffrey & Heather Chambers
Home Port Annalong

New build Scalloper Golden Shore leaves Mooney Boats Ltd.


The official launch of the scalloper Golden Shore took place on June 25th; this is the latest vessel to be built at Mooney Boats Ltd. in Killybegs and is viewed as one of the finest vessels to fish for scallops in Northern Ireland’s waters.

Designed by Ian Paton, the Golden Shore has an overall length of 14.95m, a registered length of 14.15m, a beam of 6.05m and a draft of 3.4m which conform to Seafish Under 15m regulations. She was built for Geoffrey and Heather Chambers from Annalong in Northern Ireland to dredge for scallops and queenies but it also has the capability to trawl for whitefish. Their sons Christopher and Gareth Chambers will fish the family’s new vessel.

Work began on the hull of the Golden Shore at Mooney Boatyard in August 2015. A new build of this size usually has a timeframe of 8 months for completion, but because there was no immediate delivery date set and the yard was also finishing their previous new build, the 25.6 metre Audacious (DA14) for Clogherhead fishermen David and Niall Kirwan, only a skeleton crew of engineers started working on the project by cutting the plates for the Golden Shore on their profile cutter. The workload became more intense on the Golden Shore in November when a full complement of workers went to work on the vessel.

The Golden Shore’s main engine is a Cummins QSM11-300MPH (220kw @ 1800rpm) which is lined and set in chockfast resin. Its gearbox is a ZF W350 6:1 reduction and has a1600mm diameter propeller and 1600mm nozzle from Teignbridge. Mooney boats made the 110mm stainless steel propeller shaft and stern tube in their own workshop. The intermediate shaft is also stainless steel as the engine room is forward and is joined to the tailshaft with a coupling which is accessed through a hatch in the fish room. A Cooper bearing is fitted just forward of the coupling to take up the weight and another at the engine room bulkhead to carry the weight of the shaft.

The main auxiliary engine is a Mitsubishi 6D16-TE2 106Kw 1500 Rpm supplied by DRD Diesel in Killkeel which drives the hydraulic pump, and a 40kw generator on the front end of the engine situated on the starboard side for powering the vessel. There is also a Mitsubishi S4Q2 generator situated on the port side as a harbour set. The main access down to the engine room is just off the main deck on the starboard side there is also access from inside the accommodation space.

The vessel has the capacity to hold approximately 9500 litres of fuel in two tanks which are located port and starboard side of the engine room. There is a fresh water tank forward above the bulbous bow with a capacity of 3000lt.

All engines are box cooled, and are of Blockland Type which were supplied by the yard. The idea of the box coolers was to eliminate the number of for sea cocks on the vessel.

The Golden Shore’s hydraulic system was supplied by RAPP. Mooney Boats Ltd hydraulic engineers installed and piped the hydraulic system which was then commissioned by RAPP. The hydraulic system is cooled by a Bowman hydraulic oil cooler which is completely separate from the engine box coolers. There is a Jabsco 1 ½” 24 volt clutched pump driven pump driven of the front end of the main engine which is used for cooling the hydraulics and is also used for deck wash and bilge.

The vessel’s main winch is a RAPP 2 drum split winch which has a 12 tonne pull, with a wire capacity of 310 fathoms of 22 mm wire.

The vessel also has 2 x 5 tonne Pullmaster winches for drawing in the 7 dredges a side to the boat and 2 x 2.5 tonne Pullmaster winches for taking in the lifts.

There is also a 10 tonne net drum on the gantry aft which Mooney Boats Ltd manufactured supplied and fitted to the vessel for its trawling activities, its inclusion was a late addition to the build and was not in the initial plans of the vessel. The net drum wash manufactured with Aluminium sides to reduce the weight as its positioned high up on the gantry.

The main hydraulic pump is driven from a Twin Disc clutch fitted on the aft end of the Mitsubishi 6D16-TE2 auxiliary engine which was supplied by DRD Diesel from Killkeel. This system is used when shooting and hauling the dredges. When the catch is hauled the auxiliary engine can be switched off to save fuel and the there is a separate clutched hydraulic pump fitted on the live drive PTO on the ZF propulsion gearbox. This pump is used to drive the hydraulics for the conveyor belts and riddler. This hydraulic pump can also be used as a retrieval system should the main hydraulic system fail.

On the forward side of the gantry there are 2 no galvanised towing arms which are on a hinged system and are lowered over the side when towing for scallops. When the vessel is not towing for scallops the arms are pulled inboard to prevent then getting caught in the pier. There are also 2 fixed towing points on the gantry which are used when trawling.

Port and starboard side there are two stainless steel conveyor belts along with two conveyor belts aft and a riddler which sorts the catch and are all hydraulically driven. The conveyor belts and riddler were manufactured and supplied by Joe Lynch from Greencastle, Co. Donegal.

As per the owners’ requests, the tops of the Golden Shore’s rails where the dredges come in were lined with 6mm stainless steel plating. 25mm blue nylon sheeting 7metres long by 2 metres deep was also bolted to the sides of the vessel with stainless steel bolts to give additional protection to the outside of the vessel where the dredges come in contact with its port and starboard sides.

The fire and bilge pumps are Jabsco 1½ 24volt clutched pumps which are driven of the front end of the main engine. Each pump has been piped so either one can be used for bilge suction or deck wash or the 2 pumps can be also run simultaneously to get extra water flow when required.

There is also a Calpeda saltwater pump fitted on the starboard side for cooling the refrigeration system. On the original plans for the vessel, there was no allocation for a refrigeration system, but the owners decided after the build was underway to install one. The compressor and condenser when supplied by Cooltemp and Mooney Boats Ltd manufactured and fitted the stainless steel evaporators which are fitted to the fishroom ceiling. Once Mooney Boats Ltd had the refrigeration system fitted Cooltemp commissioned the system in the yard.

The fish hold sides & deckhead are sprayed with insulation to a minimum thickness of 150mm, and were then lined with ¾ inch fibreglass plywood. The sides of the fishhold and aft end are shelved and lockered as per the owner’s requirements. Once completed the fish hold was refibreglassed and gel coated. The fish hold has an area of 5.5 metres long, 5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high. In the centre of the fish room there is an open well covered with aluminium thread plate that allows access to the shaft and bilge at all times.

The wheelhouse electronics was supplied by Selex ES in Kilkeel

The Steering System was supplied by Wills Ridley and is Model WR10 electro hydraulic power pack. c/w 10 ltr hydraulic oil reservoir, fitted with inspection cover, filler cap, low oil level switch & oil level sight glass, pressure gauge, electric motor. insulation Class F & IP55. hydraulic gear pump, 24v DC directional control valves (solenoids), relief & check valves. The system is fitted with 2 hydraulic actuator type KS175 MK4, carbon steel, heat treated with Tufftride process for corrosion resistance and hardness with chrome plated stainless steel piston rod c/w mounting bracket and rod end bearing.

All the wiring on the Golden Shore was done by the yards who electricians and is completed to an extremely high standard.  The vessel main electric system is a 3 phase / 220 volt system which can be powered from either of the auxiliary engines. The vessel is also fitted with a 24 volt system for emergency lighting and navigational equipment. The vessel has been fitted with LED lighting throughout to reduce energy consumption. There are 2 sets of battery’s which are used for ships load and also 24v emergency system. The vessel is fitted with 2 No Battery chargers Main Charger is a Victor Skyla-I 24/100 and Back Up Charger which is a Victor Skyla – TG 24/50.

All wiring externally is run on stainless steel cable trays and clipped neatly. The main distribution boards are fitted in the engine room port side with sub distribution boards fitted in the wheelhouse. All electronics are electrical equipment are recessed into the main console in the wheelhouse for a modern appearance. Heating throughout the vessel is 220 volt electric heating system with thermostatic controls.

The Galley is forward under the main deck and has all the necessary utensils for the crew’s day to day needs including a 220 volt cooker and oven, fridge, TV, Etc. The vessel has the capacity to hold about 3000 litres of fresh water in a tank located forward just below the bulbous bow. The galley is finished in cream panelling with solid oak hardwood trimming. The galley seating is very spacious with red vinyl seating with storage underneath. The floor of the galley is finished in traditional decking style Karaden floor covering and gives the vessel a very luxurious finish.

Just off the galley to the port side there is a four man cabin which is spacious and fitted out in solid oak timber and cream panelling. The mattress on the vessel are fitted with memory foam for crew comfort. Each bunk is fitted with a bunk light and 220 volt socket for charging of phone or other electronic devices. There is a seat situated aft of the cabin and lockers to the port side forward. Every inch of space in the accommodation area has been utilised on the vessel.

Starboard side aft of the galley the vessel is fitted with a compact toilet and shower area which is lined with white aluminium composite sheeting. There is a sink with hot and cold running water and tiled floor.

Through the aft bulkhead into the accommodation area there is an oilskin locker area which also has access to the wheelhouse and down to the engine room with a storage locker aft of midship for gear, shackles under wheelhouse stairs.

Up the stairs to the compact wheelhouse where the skipper has all the engine controls and electronic equipment exactly where he wanted it. The wheelhouse has been finished with red Formica console and hardwood trims. Around the windows have also been trimmed in solid oak hardwood. The skipper is seated in a NorSap 1000 comfort skippers chair and the yard also made additional seating to the port side of wheelhouse for the crew. The skipper has all essential controls at his fingertips without having to get of the seat.  At the top of the stairs there has been a door fitted with a sliding top console which totally seals of the wheelhouse for the rest of the vessel. Once again the attention to detail and standard of finish throughout this vessel is evident.

Once Mooney Boats Ltd. completed all the works on the vessel, Corrosive solutions and inspection services Ltd (CSIS) painted the Golden Shore with a Jotun paint system supplied by the yard chandlery store.

Constructing and repairing vessels to the highest calibre has always been a forte at Mooney Boats Ltd. and the high level of workmanship evident throughout the Golden Shore is once again testament to that.

– courtesy Fishing News



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