Patrick C Week 45 2014

This week on the Patrick C update we are looking a little more in depth inside the vessel. If you look at the gallery below you can see a few pictures of how concrete is being poured in to different area’s of the hull to help with the ballast.

The crew cabins are starting ti take shape now too with sockets and light fixtures now installed it wont be long until bunks are started to be added. In the wheelhouse the consoles are now seeing some of the electronic equipment fitted.

Finally down in the engine room its been standing room only as the electricians continue to work on the main board, while fitters are working on the flooring among other things.

Finally, we wanted to include a few pictures of the new state of the art LED floodlights we are using on the Patrick C. More energy efficient, more resistant to vibration damage, longer lasting. Our LED lighting is supplied by AAA Led’s

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