The Jason’s Cradle Man Overboard recovery system

The Jason's Cradle® MOB Systems

Who uses it? The Jason’s Cradle® MOB system is used globally in every military, commercial, rescue, and leisure area within the marine sector.The commercial units are fully SOLAS approved and for many years have been and continue to be the most respected MOB recovery, embarkation/disembarkation and evacuation system in the world. Why do I need it?Jason’s Cradle® is designed to retrieve people quickly and horizontally from the water, thus reducing the possibilities of “dry drowning” now more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse. The horizontal lift for a MOB has now become critical in the modern marine world and by using the Jason’s Cradle®, not only is this achievable, but it is one of the safest and quickest methods of retrieval for conscious and / or unconscious casualties.

Using Jason’s Cradle® as your preferred man overboard system recovery system allows operators to retrieve casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.

How do I determine the type & size of Jason’s Cradle® to suit my vessel?

The Standard unit is suitable for most vessels with up to 3m freeboard and is offered in three width options.

The FRC Kit is suitable for all Fast Rescue Craft and is offered in two width options.

The Rescue Stretcher unit is suitable for high sided vessels, diver recovery and quayside rescue and is offered in two sizes.

The Scramble Net is suitable for high sided vessels, rescue zones and mass recovery/evacuation.

Our Bespoke Service offers the flexibility to meet all your requirements by tailoring the Jason’s Cradle® man over board system to suit any vessel where the dimensions are outside the above provision of stock units.

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