Hercules Hatches

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Hercules cast deck hatches are now available from stock in a range of sizes. The unique locking mechanism design and quality of construction place Hercules hatches in a class of their own! Mooney Boats are Sole distributor of Hercules Hatches in Ireland. Contact us should you have any questions on +353 (0) 74 97 31152


Hatch covers and flange rings are cast from high tensile, corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium with deep section webs on the underside to prevent distortion under load.
All moving parts are engineered from type 316 stainless steel. The unique Hercules locking mechanism utilises stainless steel shooting bolts which engage in replaceable Nylatron bushes within the flange ring. A full range of spare parts is always available from stock.

Testing & Water Resistance

Hercules hatches have been tested and found watertight at pressures equivalent to a depth of 25 metres, offering exceptional watertight integrity. Every hatch has a fuel and chemical resistant neoprene sealing ring fitted to the underside of the hatch cover giving maximum protection against damage. Hercules hatches have been fitted with the approval of all major classification societies and have Bureau Veritas Type approval.


The Hercules hatch range of sizes allows use in a number of roles. The type 15 as an ice hatch. The type 2515 and 2424 as access hatches. The type 2020 is designed as an access hatch with lighter scantlings for pleasure craft and the RNLI. The larger 2828 and 3828 are suitable for fishing vessels where fish boxes need to be stowed below deck. Other applications have included pontoons and offshore where compartments need to have intermittent access. Hercules can provide a bespoke solution for your project. Hercules hatches are supplied with a flange ring suitable for bolting into the deck with M6 or M8 bolts. The flange should be sealed with mastic for grp or wooden vessels. For steel vessels we can supply the aluminium flange with a bolted steel flange ring to enable this to be welded to the steel deck. Stainless steel hinges are an optional extra for all sizes of Hercules hatch.

Made To Measure Hatches

Hercules made to measure hatches are designed to suit individual requirements. They can be fitted into all types of deck and made to suit any rectangular or square aperture. The flange ring is fabricated from a marine grade aluminum extrusion. The hatch cover is 6 mm marine grade aluminum tread-plate, reinforced with fabricated sub frame and secured to the flange ring by a unique system of captive bolts. It has a rolled edge giving the neoprene seal maximum protection against damage. Hinges can be fitted allowing the hatches to fold back flat to the deck or provide a watertight door in bulkheads. Hercules made to measure hatches offer total flexibility without compromising strength, durability, water resistance or safety. For Further information or pricing please contact Mooney Boats Lt.


Type Clear Opening Deck Cut-out Overall Frame Fixing Detail Frame Depth Weight Price Ex VAT
15 380 Dia 460 Dia 570 Dia 12 x M6 75 16 KG €685
2515 640 x 380 710 x 460 820 x 570 20 x M6 80 23 KG €850
2020 510 x 510 590 x 590 660 x 660 16 x M6 80 18 KG €900
2424 620 x 620 700 x 700 810 x 810 24 x M6 80 30 KG €975
2828 710 x 710 790 x 790 900 x 900 20 x M6 80 42 KG €1150
3628 915 x 710 1000 x 790 1110 x 900 22 x M8 80 52 KG €1350


Hercules Cast Deck Hatches are manufactured to the highest standard from carefully selected materials. Hatch covers and frames are cast from high tensile, corrosion resistant marine grade Aluminium.
All moving parts are engineered from 316 Stainless Steel. The unique Hercules locking mechanism utilises Stainless Steel shooting bolts which engage in replaceable Ertalyte bushes. Hercules Hatches have been designed to withstand the toughest of marine environments, however, to ensure that your hatch performs at its best, for the longest possible service life…………….



Hatch Frame

  • Remove the Hatch Cover from the Frame.
  • Prepare hot soapy water & a stiff hand brush.
  • Thoroughly clean the frame, removing any dirt and chalky deposits.
  • Thoroughly clean the sealing face, ensure not to damage the surface.
  • Clean the four frame bushes. If necessary use boiling water to remove any compacted deposits.
  • Do not use any corrosive chemicals.
  • Do not use any power tools.

Hatch Cover

  • Repeat the cleaning process outlined above.
  • Carefully clean the neoprene seal, use a rag only and ensure no damage or distortion occurs.
  • Clean and degrease and dry all moving components:
    Shooting Bolts, Center Boss, Handle Shaft & linkages.
  • Using the grease supplied with the Hercules Hatch, apply to the shaft and all pivot points.
  • Do not apply any grease to the bushes.
  • Do not use any corrosive chemicals.
  • Do not use any power tools.