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We supply the full range of Guerra and Sormec cranes, ideal for use on fishing vessels, supply ships, oil rigs, fish farms or at landing or loading points ashore.

Specially-designed and constructed for the marine environment, Guerra cranes are meticulously prepared before receiving double primer protection and two coats of paint. The double-effect cylinders and high-quality joints and rams also receive high-resistance anti-corrosion treatment. Guerra cranes also feature an oil-coated wheel rack rotation system via cylinders with bearing cushion and bronze axial support.

Optional extras include special grabs, manual extensions, remote control and auxiliary hydraulic terminal.

The Sormec knuckle boom and telescopic marine cranes offer a range of imaginative and powerful solutions to your loading and lifting problems. This Italian company specialises in the design, development and construction of a range of cranes for ships, oil platforms and offshore services.

The company operates under an ISO 9001 quality system approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping. Compact design and engineering are a feature of these cranes. Sormec cranes receive extreme protection from the harsh marine environment, including sandblasting, zinc primer, anticorrosion build coat and paint to a thickness of 240-325 micron. The cylinder rods are double chromium-plated with a special procedure which eliminates the risk of cratering.

There is a wide range of accessories, including mechanical extensions, winch, remote control, radio remote control, power unit, cab or load cell. Custom-built cranes can be supplied by Sormec along with the wide range of cranes on offer.

Mooney Boats Ltd. have supplied cranes and winches to Donegal County Council for their piers at Bunbeg, Downings, Glengad and Tory, to Ocean Farm’s service barge, and the following among many fishing vessels around the coast: “Antarctic”, “Celtic Quest”, “Peadar Elaine II”, “Heather Jane II”, “Eternal Dawn”, “Sharlisa” and “Shaun Shaun”.