Dry Docking & Syncrolift

Mooney Boats Ltd operate a Syncrolift system to facilitate customers dry docking needs. A Syncrolift® system is simply a large elevator which raises and lowers vessels in and out of the water for dry-docking ashore.


How does the Syncrolift system work?

To dock a vessel, the platform and cradle are lowered into the water, and the vessel moved into place over the platform.  When in position, the Syncrolift Dockmaster raises the platform, removing the vessel from the water.  Work on the vessel can then be done in situ, or the vessel transferred ashore, leaving the Syncrolift available to dock other vessels.  On completion, the process is reversed.

Why use the Syncrolift?

Simpler and faster drydocking procedures – requiring fewer personnel and less man hours to successfully drydock vessels. Typically, drydockings take 25 – 50% less time because of the improved access provided for both labour and materials. A Syncrolift requires no prolonged shutdown period for maintenance.

Please contact us at info@mooneyboats.ie or call +353 (0)74 973 1152 for any enquiries you may have about our Dry Docking Facilities

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