MFV Maria Lena gets urgent repair work

The Maria Lena came to us at short notice have suffered collision damage and we set to work on getting her back as good as new. We performed repairs to the wheelhouse which was damaged, as well as the bullworks and right down to the bottom plating. We also...
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MFV Ex Carmarose up for annual works at Mooney Boats Ltd

We were delighted to have the MFV Ex Carmarose up again at Mooney Boats Ltd for some annual works. We washed the vessel and painted under the waterline as well as replaced anodes. We also performed an Ultrasonic Hull Inspection and bompleted a tailshaft and rudder...
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The MFV Sowena - Fibreglass Boat

We had the MFV Sowena up at the yard this week for the very first time and it was a pleasure to see a fibreglass boat so large. Its always great to see new visitors to the yard, especially unique vessels like this. Washed Painted Made up brand new heel carrier bearing Bow handrail...
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The MFV Guiding Star II up for washing and painting at Mooney Boats Ltd

We had the MFV Guiding Star II up in drydock at the DAFM Syncrolift this week for routine washing & painting, check out the gallery below for pictures of the job. Its incredibly important for us to have repeat customers like the...
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MV Madelen has works done at Mooney Boats Ltd.

Rory Beatty had another of his vessels up with us this week, the MV Madelen. Rory and crew undertook a lot of the jobs themselves, so other than taking her out of the water and putting her back, we also cut plates to access the ballast tanks, for...
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MFV Deirdre up for Survey

We had the MFV Deirdre, a 40 Meter mussel dredger at the yard for works recently. Even at 40 meters we were able to drydock her in the DAFM yard adjacent to our own facility. She was washed, painted and had a survey carried out by the MSO. Here are a...
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The Tor Mór up for work at Mooney Boats Ltd.

We had another one of our builds return to the yard this week, the Tor Mór. The Tor Mór is a regular visitor to the yard for maintenance and is a fine example of how to look after a working boat. When it was all said and...
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MFV Catherine R Lengthened at Mooney Boats Ltd

  A huge gallery and videos showing the Catherine R project, and how we lengthened her by over 3 metres
  • Cut & Lengthened Vessel by 3.68m
  • Cut & Raise Gantry by 0.5m
  • Sandblasted & Metalised hull
  • Painting vessel completely
  • Removed Power block crane reconditioned and refitted
  • Re-piped hydraulic crane controls in stainless steel pipe
  • Enlarged &...
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Mussel Dredger MFV Eendracht gets Ultrasonic Hull Inspection

We had the MFV Eendracht up for a few jobs last week. The Eendracht is a large Mussel dredger  and along with being washed & Painted, anodes changed and an MCA Survey.... we preformed an ultrasonic hull inspection on her too. We have a galley of a few...
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MFV Stelimar Hull Repair

We had the MFV Stelimar up at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine dry dock to have some work done. The Stelimar is 19m vessel. Works undertaken on the Stelimar include:
  • Replaced deck coamings & hatches
  • Hull repair to bow, including steel frame replaced in places
  • Fitted new pipework for bilge system
  • Shot blasted by...
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