MFV Róisín Bairbre

The Róisín Bairbre was up at Mooney Boats Ltd for various works.
  • Vessel was dry-docked
  • Complete hull was Sandblasted
  • Above main deck on the transom and sides were & metalized
  • Modification were made to bilge keels
  • New anti pitching wings were fitted on Bulbous bow forward
  • Repairs were made to damaged hull plating below the waterline
  • Vessel was then completely...
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Patrick C Week 42 - Wheelhouse consoles being fitted

Gallery of a busy week on the Patrick C Week 42 - Wheelhouse consoles, engine room progress, cabins all in place. Flooring has been laid down and one of the biggest cosmetic changes is in the wheelhouse where all the consoles are in place and marked out [su_custom_gallery...
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Ocean Wave in for Auxiliary Engine Refit

We had the Ocean Wave up or a significant refit, and while she was dry docked we gave her a wash and paint too. Excellent gallery showing the transformation. The bulk of the time on this job was spent changing auxiliary engines in the vessel, which not only involves...
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Patrick C Week 32 - Work Done Below Decks

This week was mainly taken up by work below decks. Piping is a long, meticulous job where by pipework needs to be laid in as an efficient and tidy manner as possible, then when its all in place, it needs to be completely removed and welded off...
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Patrick C Docking In Killybegs

A gallery showing the new Patrick C being towed into Killybegs harbor a few days after she left Riga. The Patrick C began its journey leaving Riga and being towed through the Baltic sea all the way to Copenhagen where a second tug brought her to killybegs where the Trojan helped her...
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Patrick C Getting Ready For Net Drums

This week saw steady progress on the build. Firstly, the arrival of the net drums stands out the most. These will be placed on the deck at a later stage. The electricians were getting started in the wheel house, with early wiring. Below decks the insulating is mostly finished,...
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Blath Na Mara Bow Repairs

We had the Blath Na Mara up at the yard for some bow repairs, have a look at the full process in the gallery below. It may not look like a big job but it is labour intensive to re-fabricate sections of the bow, make sure there is no structural damage...
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Patrick C - Engine Work Nearly Complete

This week see’s more work on the auxiliary engine, and also more work on the main engines. Diesel pipes are now back out being welded and will be fitted this week while the framework for the bilge pipes are now being put in place. The fish hold area is...
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Patrick C - Preparing For Electronics

This week sees us looking at lots of different areas of the build even at this early stage the electricians are looking at the wheelhouse to work out all the materials required for the electronics. Watercooling for the main engine is being done in engine room, piping is cut to...
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MFV Northern Celt Gets Major Refit

Mooney Boats Ltd has just completed a major refurbishment on the SO472 MFV Northern Celt. During the Christmas period the 25metre MFV Northern Celt owned by Adrian Mc Clenaghan had an electrical fire onboard and although the initial fire was only very small, the smoke damage caused by it was...
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