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B44 Stella Nova

Posted on October 16, 2023

Mooney Boats Ltd has just completed their third purpose built prawn freezer trawler.

The beautifully crafted 24-metre ‘Stella Nova’ DA 57 joins the Irish fleet and was built for the Supreme Fishing Company of Clogherhead. Supreme Fishing Company Ltd which is operated by Niall Connolly and Seamus Connolly Jnr is currently fishing the 22-metre ‘Margaret Mary’ DA 56 and the 24-metre‘Patrick C’ DA 107.The ‘Stella Nova’ is the second boat for the company to carry the same name with the previous ‘Stella Nova’ was sold to Union Hall last year and renamed ‘Emerald Isle II’.

When choosing a boat design and builder, Supreme Fishing had no hesitation in renewing their acquaintance with Mooney Boats Ltd who had built the companies previous boat, the ‘Patrick C’ back which was delivered in December 2014. “We went back to Mooney Boats because they built our previous boat the Patrick C and we were very happy with the build and quality of work” says Niall Connolly speaking to the Skipper at Mooney’s boatyard in Killybegs.

“The new Stella Nova is a sister-ship to the Patrick C and we were very happy with the design and layout. The Patrick C performed well and has proven to be very efficient, which was the main reason that we came back to this design with Mooney Boats Ltd. This is the fourth boat designed for the family run company by Danish designer, Ove Christiansen of Vestværftet ApS. The hull was built in PTS Shipyard in Szczecin Poland and towed to Killybegs for finishing.

Previous boats designed by ‘Vestværftet ApS for the company included the old ‘Stella Nova’, a previous ‘Patrick C’. the current ‘Patrick C’ and the all new ‘Stella Nova’. There are a few little differences in the design to the ‘Patrick C’ but overall nothing noticeable to the naked eye. The style of the ‘Stella Nova’ is classic and looks well in the water. “The accommodation layout is a little different” Niall tells us with the galley moved to port side and the crew accommodation moved aft “and we also included the addition of extra freezing capacity but apart from that the rest of the boat remains the same.

“Our previous experience with Mooney Boats Ltd gave us the confidence to return here to get the ‘Stella Nova’ built. It’s great to have these facilities in Killybegs and here in Ireland to rival any other boat or shipyard in Europe.” Prawn, cuttlefish and squid catches will be frozen on-board before being landed into the Clogherhead Co-op from where they will be exported to the Continent.

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