Q20 M/P Lubricant 300ml Spray

Q20 M/P Lubricant 300ml Spray

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Q20 Leads the pack when it comes to Multi Purpose Lubricants.  This product displaces moisture, stops rust in tracks, proects and lubricates all household and industrial items.  It has the most advances formula.


Why Q20?

  • Displaces and prevents moisture in ignition systems especially sparkplugs
  • Faciliates movement & prevents grating & rust of door hinges at home or in the car
  • Extends the life of exterior light bulbs by 30% (sprayed on electrode contacts prevent shorting)
  • Prevents moisture forming in electrical motors especially power tools
  • Rids corrosion in electrical circuitry & maintains conductio of current
  • A useful rust preventive for any exposed metal, protects tools from corrosion
  • Lubricates and loosens locks & catches and prevents any squeaking
  • Protects the chassis of vehicles, in particular 4WD - a neccessity at costal resorts
  • Superior for all sorts of cleaning jobs, removes tar form car bodywork
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