Peltor Optime I Ear Defenders Over Head

Peltor Optime I Ear Defenders Over Head

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• Increased muffling at lower tones and higher volumes

• Even pressure distribution

• Unique 2-point attachment

• Height adjustment and flexible adaption to size and shape of head

• Low profile for compatibility with other PPE

• Cup design offers generous depth ensuring the ear rests comfortably

• Fluid and foam filled vented sealing rings

• Comfort during long term wear

• Comfortable fit for glasses wearers

Approved to EN 352-1 Over Head


The 3M Peltor Optime I offers flexible protection and is lightweight, providing high wearer comfort. It combines a low profile with generous inner depth which makes it easy to combine with other equipment and allows the ear to rest comfortably.

The 3M Peltor Optime I Ear Defenders are your choice for both short andlong durations tasks. The wide comfortable sealing rings are filled with a unique combinations of fluid and foam, which gives optimum sealing and low contact pressure at the same time.

It is ideal for use in environments with moderate industrial noise, such as workshops, sheet-metal shops and printing works, but also suitable for outdoor tasks such as lawn mowing or in connection with hobby and leisure activities.

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