Type 3628 - Clear Opening 915mm x 710mm

Type 3628 - Clear Opening 915mm x 710mm

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The frame is fabricated from a marine grade aluminium extrusion. The cover is a marine grade aluminium tread plate reinforced with a pre-fabricated sub-frame, and is secured to the frame by our unique and innovative system of captive pull down bolts. The cover also has a rolled edge giving the neoprene seal maximum protection against damage. Hinges can be fitted allowing the hatches to fold back flat to the deck or provide a watertight door in bulkheads. The bolts can be quickly loosened or tightened using the speed brace supplied with each hatch. The captive bolts are marine grade stainless steel and once tightened render the hatch watertight. 915mm x 710mm Weight 52 kg

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