MFV Argonaut back at Mooney Boats Ltd

We were delighted to have the MFV Argonaut back up at the yard recently, where she had the following jobs done on her:

  • Dry-docking washing and painting
  • Ultrasonic Hull inspection and report
  • Megger Test and report carried out on vessel
  • New internet dome fitted supplied by Barry Electronic Ltd
  • Cabins refitted
  • Upgraded fish handling system
  • Upgraded electrical system on vessel
  • Removed Shipside valves for inspection
  • Vessel Put Through her 4 Year Code Of Practice
  • Fitted new toilet
  • Renew guide on rollers
  • Repair to wheelhouse windows
  • Repairs to exhaust on gardener engine
  • Fitted new handrail in front of wheelhouse
  • Fitted gussets on wheelhouse roof
  • LED lighting wired on stern
  • Replace anodes in pump cooler
  • Made & fitted s/s wet gear hanger


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