MFV Virtuous has work done at Mooney Boats Ltd.

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed the MFV Virtuous back to Mooney Boats Ltd recently. While up at the yard we performed the following jobs on her:
  • Washed, Painted, Anodes supplied & fitted
  • Rudder removed and new seals fitted
  • Shaft removed and new seals fitted
  • Carpentry repairs...
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MV Solundoy Repainted at Mooney Boats Ltd.

We recently had the MV Solundoy up at Mooney Boats Ltd for some work. The Solundoy has been a repeat visitor to the yard over the years and its always been a pleasure to work with the owner, skipper & crew on her. This visit represents a new chapter...
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MFV Foyle Warrior at Mooney Boats Ltd

While at the yard the Foyle Warrior was slipped, washed & we supplied & fitted anodes as well as painting her. We removed & replaced fendering bands and fitted a new bilge suction in the cabin.   [su_custom_gallery source="media: 5590,5607,5606,5605,5604,5603,5602,5601,5600,5599,5598,5597,5596,5595,5594,5593,5592,5591" limit="100" link="lightbox" target="blank" width="100" height="80"]MFV Courageous has extensive refit at Mooney...
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The MFV Westbound

It was great to have one of our builds, the MFV Westbound. Some of the jobs we did on her while she was at the yard are as follows:
  • Removed gearbox for repair, then refitted & realigned engine
  • Removed rudder propeller and propeller shaft
  • Manufactured and supplied new propeller shaft in yard machine...
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MFV Stella Nova

Recently we had the MFV Stella Nova up at the yard for some of the following works:
  • Vessel Dry-docked
  • Hull externally above and below the water line was hi pressure washed and cleaned.
  • All rusted areas were treated with rust removal treatment and then the vessel was fully painted externally with Jotun paint...
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The MFV Stella Maris Shot Blasted at Mooney Boats Ltd

We had the MFV Stella Maris up at the yard for the following works Painting & Shot blasting The vessel was completely shot blasted above the waterline externally Deck, gantry, net drums bulwarks etc. After shot blasting the hull was Hot Zinc Metal Sprayed After completion of hot Zinc Metal Spray...
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The MFV Star of Hope at Mooney Boats Ltd

It was our great pleasure to have the MFV Star of Hope up at the yard recently where we had her slipped so we could wash her before applying a paint system as well as supplying and fitting anodes. We also fit a brand new ballast keel which...
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MFV Northern Celt has Shaft Work done at Mooney Boats Ltd

It was great to have Adrian McClenaghan and the MFV Northern Celt at the yard to have some work done. While at the yard she was slipped and washed before a Jotun paint system was applied. We also supplied and fitted anodes to the vessel....
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The MFV Westward Isle

Just a quick look at the MFV Westward Isle which was up at the yard for routine work. While up at the yard the vessel was slipped, washed and we supplied and fitted anodes. [su_custom_gallery source="media: 5489,5488,5487" limit="100" link="lightbox" target="blank" width="100" height="80"]MFV Courageous has extensive refit at Mooney Boats Ltd.[/su_custom_gallery]...
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MFV Rachel Jay

We had the MFV Rachel Jay up at the yard recently for the following works:
  • New sonar pipe supplied and fitted
  • 3  ENAG Marine Fans  Model SEEM002401  370mm OD x 3 Phase  Air Flow 4000 m3 Per/Hr
  • Supplied Desmi Pump MSL150-265 for RSW
  • New air ducting
  • Made modifications to forward mast
  • Washed, painted...
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