MFV Ocean Pioneer

On her arrival from Union Hall, the MFV Ocean Pioneer was put on the DAFM Syncrolift where she washed externally and put into the closed repair bay for painting. Mooney Boats Ltd removed the old galley from the vessel and installed a complete new galley which included new units, new BEHA Marine Stainless...
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B44 Stella Nova Week 39 2017

Last week on the Stella Nova fit-out, saw lots of timber work being put into place in the fish-hold, as fiberglassing is due to start this week. Also we had lots of engine room piping being done with the main exhaust now in place. Frames for around the wheelhouse windows are...
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B45 Volga Week 39 2017

Click below to have a look at the B45 Volga, a Steel Work Boat designed and manufactured by Mooney Boats Ltd, right here in Killybegs. This week see's the build drawing to a close with fendering being applied to the exterior, wheelhouse consoles fitted, painting being finalised as well as engine...
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The MFV Margaret Mary

We had a new visitor to the yard, the MFV Margaret Mary. While at the yard we did the following jobs:
  • Removed, reconditioned, refitted all shipside valves (crew)
  • Repaired opening windows in wheelhouse
  • Repaired Skippers Chair
  • Made and fitted life ring holder
  • Modifications to fish hold ladder
  • Made and fitted new pipe...
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Another First, MFV Achieve at Mooney Boats Ltd

It was fantastic to have a new vessel up at the yard, the MFV Achieve. One of four, first time visitors to the yard its always great to welcome new projects and new people to Killybegs. While up at the yard we performed the following jobs:
  • Taken out...
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MFV Northern Celt Returns

We take it as a great source of pride when customers decide to return to us time after time with their boats and wwith that in mind we were delighted to have had the MFV Northern Celt up at the yard for some work, some of which was as follows:
  • Sonihull Ultrasonic...
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The MFV Emerald Isle I

We recently had the MFV Emerald Isle I (formerly MFV Stella Nova) up at the yard. While here we did the following:
  • Vessel Put Up On Syncrolift
  • Welded on new name and port of registration
  • Took of all hanging blocks and refurbished and then refitted
  • Fitted PE 500 Sheeting around the...
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B44 Stella Nova Week 36 2017

A look inside the B44 Stella Nova where this week we saw lots of pipework being completed in the engine room, as well as the wheelhouse panelling starting to take shape. Another thing to note from the pictures below is the amount of wiring going on. At this point in...
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B45 Volga Week 36 2017

This week saw a few significant additions to the Volga, the biggest of which was the engine finally being lifted into place by the lads. There has also been a nice bit of progress in the wheelhouse with the consoles starting to take place. Cosmetically, the addition of LED Floodlighting around...
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MFV Boy Jason at Mooney Boats Ltd

Recently we had the opportunity to welcome back the MFV Boy Jason at Mooney Boats. While at the yard, she had a few works done, among which was the following:
  • Fitted new watertight hatch to sonar room
  • Washed, painted, anodes supplied & fitted
  • Fitted new bellows to auxiliary engine
  • Fitted...
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