Queen of Aran Ferry up at the yard

We had the Doolin Ferry Co. vessel, Queen of Aran up at the yard. One of three ferries we have had recently from the Doolin Ferry Co, we did the following jobs among others:
  • Lifted vessel out on 75 Ton Travel Hoist
  • Vessel taken inside for painting
  • Removed...
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We recently had the crabber Amy Jane II up at the yard where we performed a few jobs on her, some of which are listed below. Make sure to check the gallery below too
  • Slipped, washed painted, anodes supplied & finnted
  • Fitted new bait shoot overboard
  • New crab overflow pipes fitted to vivier tank
  • Replaced...
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MFV Peadar Elaine II Gearbox Overhaul

It was fantastic to have the MFV Peadar Elaine II at the yard for a gearbox overhaul, among other jobs, some of which are listed below:
  • Vessel Put up on Synchrolift
  • High Pressure Washed outside of hull
  • Vessel completely repainted externally with Jotun Paint system
  • New anodes fitted
  • Manufactured new...
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MV Blath Na Mara Returns to Mooney Boats Ltd

One of the regular faces at the yard is Rory Beatty, owner of the MV Chateau Thierry and the MV Blath Na Mara which operate cargo services to the Aran Islands. In early March we had the MV Blath Na Mara returned to the yard for shot blasting,...
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RV Celtic Voyager Returns to Mooney Boats Ltd

We had the RV Celtic Voyager return to the yard for some works to be done. Its always a pleasure to have the research vessels up at the yard, and this visit was no exception. Among others, some of the work done was as follows:
  • Vessel Slipped, washed,...
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The MFV Maracestina

We had the MFV Maracestina up at the yard recently, and among others, she had the following jobs done on her:
  • Wheelhouse Windows resealed and wheelhouse carpet refitted
  • Electrical megger test completed on vessel
  • Earth fault system fitted
  • Removed rudder, repaired heel bearings and put in new steering pins
  • Slipped & washed
  • Bottom...
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The MFV Audacious Return to Mooney Boats Ltd.

We had one of our recent builds, the MFV Audacious return back at the yard in late December. While at the yard she had the jobs below done, among others.
  • Slipped, washed, painted and anodes fitted
  • Stone guard for aluminium hopper on Stern
  • New middle block fitted to...
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MFV Owenie Padraig back at Mooney Boats for works

In late December we had the MFV Owenie Padraig back up at the yard and while she was here we undertook the following jobs among others:
  • Removed Power Block
  • Repaired wear in pins
  • Renewed seals on ram
  • Refitted power block
  • Made & fitted two new...
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MFV Argonaut back at Mooney Boats Ltd

We were delighted to have the MFV Argonaut back up at the yard recently, where she had the following jobs done on her:
  • Dry-docking washing and painting
  • Ultrasonic Hull inspection and report
  • Megger Test and report carried out on vessel
  • New internet dome fitted supplied by Barry Electronic Ltd
  • ...
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MFV Courageous has works done at Mooney Boats Ltd.

We recently had another of the Kirwan's boats up at the yard again, this time it was the MFV Courageous. While up at the yard she had the following jobs done:  
  • Washed, Painted, Anodes supplied & fitted
  • Rudder removed and new seals fitted
  • Shaft removed and new...
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